Building and Reviewing Free Energy Generators on YouTube

Another replication testing of this model of liberty engine that failed :

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Background information from previous video
3:17 Defining the test requirements
4:18 Building the device
10:03 explaining the test and running the device
13:41 How do Transformers work
21:39 Electrical power and Mechanical power compared
23:48 How do gears effect power
25:56 Why not put solar panels on cars?
26:30 What about Flywheels and Multiple Alternators or transformers
28:52 What we learned about power transferred back into the same system?
29:28 What I thought would happen before I tried
34:44 Methods some use to fake these devices
36:56 This idea is actually genius
40:08 Can companies or government make money from this
42:51 Summary of what I learned working on this


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