New battery developments: what can we expect in 2024 and beyond?

Well, in 2024 the free energy subject is still linked to the battery technology (for now...) because even if we can make at home a free energy generator like those that we are showing in, we will need to store the unused electricity for further utilisation.

For exemple if you create or replicate a free energy generator that can produce 2000 Watts but you need sometimes 6000 watts or 8000 watts, well the battery storage will be the only solution available... when you don't use electricity at home, the free energy generator that is always running and generating max 2000 watts will store the unused electricity to the battery system and so if you need 8000 watts later on when you come back home and want to make your laundry + use the AC in the house + use the vacuum cleaner... the batteries will be able to provide the additional watts you need.

So let's have a look on the batteries innovations for 2024 and beyond.

From what I feel, the Graphene is the most amazing solution for battery technology, it is clean, carbon is everywhere, it is safe, efficient and durable. What about you ? Please leave me a comment below, I really would like to know what you know or think about this topic.

Another video I would love to share with you is this one of this genuine guy that I love. He did a video about the creation of Graphene at home !

Wonderful video :

Thank you for watching and reading this article, I keep it concise and wish you peace, love, and much fun.



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